About us



SAKETI ITALY has been active in the footwear and clothing industry since 2000 and in a short time has established itself as one of the leading companies in its sector.

Today it plays a leading role in the Greek market, with continuous development in new areas such as the furnishing and technology of a modern home.

The constant development and growth, and the ever-increasing market share, make us one of the strong names in the field of wholesale and retail sales in Greece.


For more than 20 years, all of us, the people of SAKETI ITALY, have been sharing common ideas, concerns, successes and enjoying the fruits of our joint effort, seeing the preference of our consumers grow and our company grow and expand abroad .

Our strategy focuses on strengthening the brand and international growth, always staying true to our principles and values.



Our Vision

To become one of the most recognized chain stores internationally and to be a fashion destination for consumers around the world.

Our mission

To listen carefully to the needs of every consumer who trusts us, offering a truly unique shopping experience.

To serve real values ​​and to set high goals oriented towards continuous development and growth.

To support and develop the creativity, innovation and imagination of our partners, transforming the client's ideas into commercial and social policy.

To get to know the needs of the modern woman and through the excellent quality of SAKETI ITALY products at unbeatable retail prices, with constant renewal of designs and with impeccable service to try to offer maximum satisfaction and excitement.


Faith and respect for the consumer

Deeply engraved in our DNA is to provide excellent service to our customers, to identify with respect, enthusiasm and courtesy their needs and to give all our strength to make them always happy and satisfied. Professionalism, consistency and passion for perfect service are among the core values ​​that unite us and have made us a beloved brand, with an ever-growing and loyal clientele.

The best price-quality ratio of the products

A basic principle for all of us at SAKETI ITALY is to maintain the price-quality ratio always at an excellent level by offering modern and commercial products.

The big "family" of SAKETI ITALY

The "family" philosophy of SAKETI ITALY is to maintain the price-quality ratio always at an excellent level by offering modern and commercial products.

Belief in common values, knowledge, enthusiasm and dedication are the four main characteristics that all the partners of our company possess.
The people of SAKETI ITALY are an interesting collage of various personalities, from Greece and abroad, who all work together with the sole goal of developing and maintaining the company in a high position in consumer preference.




Giving back to people and society has always been for all of us at SAKETI ITALY a moral obligation and a necessary condition for our development. Faithful to our commitment to be next to our fellow human beings in need, we participate with various initiatives aimed at supporting vulnerable groups and society as a whole.

Our actions include sponsorships at celebrations, fashion shows, concerts as well as donations of our products to support the work of the "ELPIDA" association, the "The Smile of the Child" association, the Hellenic Red Cross, the Agios Nikolaos home, the Flame and in favor of Hatzikyriakeio, SOS Children's Villages, KETHEA En Drasi and others.


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